Clay Stapleford

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It all started when...

Atlanta-based abstract painter who emerged 2.5 years ago as a professional artist, Clay Stapleford uses a vivid color palette and physicality of brushstroke to imbue vital energy in his large-scale works. He is UNC-educated and from Raleigh, and has been an Atlantan living in the city for 15 years. Stapleford's pieces enrich any home, work or public space. Stapleford recently closed a successful solo show at Made Again in Inman Park, has live painted at Ponce City Market and regularly donates works of art to organizations near to his heart. Featured in LOOKBOOK, American Culture Reporter and several podcasts. II. Artist Statement: When I paint I remember who I am. I play with energy… and I let energy play with me. My work is a dance… a free-flowing emotional or instinctual response to how I react to my environment + the colors and materials I collaborate with. I seek no mind… I am an open channel.

Riders on The Storm
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