The use of an art consultant is key in choosing art that will not only enhance your home, but also make a powerful statement. At Gallery Seven, we believe art is an investment, which is why we provide complimentary art consultations for our collectors. Our consultants will assist you in determining your specific art needs based on your style, space and budget. If a facility does not yet exist, a consultant will prepare a budget based on floor plans.

Once you find pieces that you are interested in, our consultants will organize a home show. Our home shows give clients the opportunity to live with the art for a brief amount of time to connect with the piece and to get a true sense of scale and size. The Gallery Seven consultants will bring the selection(s) to your home or office to enjoy and from there, you can purchase and hang OR hold the art for 48 hours.

Our home show convenience fee is $150 and includes the assistance of two art experts, travel, hanging (if art is purchased) and the unwrapping and packing of art. The convenience fee will be credited toward your total purchase. At Gallery Seven, we are confident that we can help you choose pieces for your collection that will bring joy for years to come.