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Ebru with Aynur

Collector's Weekend

There is no one way to experience art. For three days, Gallery Seven by Brenda Joyce will give collectors and art lovers a chance to be a part of the artistic process with  Three Days at Seven. From photography and live demos, to fashion and the live creation of an in-store mural, G7 invites you to experience artistry that will inspire and change the way you think about art. 


Thursday - 10/19 - Fine Art Meets Fashion

Meet and greet photographer Anderson Smith and Sherie L. Nevett, Creative Director of clothing label SLN, for an evening of photography, fashion and flair. Watch how these two masters of style and creativity bridge the gap between fine art and fashion. 


Friday 10/20 - Frankly My Dear...

Atlanta artist Paper Frank brings the G7 walls to life with one of his colorful, larger-than-life murals. Proceeds from Friday’s sales go to The Human Rights Campaign. 


Saturday 10/21 - Ebru with Aynur

What is Ebru marbling? Artist Aynur Sucu will show you with a live demo! Collectors will also have a chance to purchase one-of-a-kind hand-embellished prints, signed in-store by artist MRO. Proceeds from Saturday’s sales go to the Curing Kids Cancer Fund.

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Frankly My Dear...
Later Event: November 18
Gallery Pop Up